Iconic Experience means: to revolutionize the boundaries of hospitality.
We are constantly seeking inspiration and insight beyond the boundaries of our industry. We strive to ensure we remain one step ahead and retain our unique market positioning.


Tailored for individuality
We work to ensure that our service is tailored to make each individual expectation an iconic experience.

Guests are key
Our goal is to amaze, making sure that our guests are left with memories of an exquisite atmosphere.

Local Value
Our commitment to the local community is strongly focused on social responsibility.
We offer a genuine and personal service in order to create the most comfortable ambience for our guests.


  • Have fun
  • Trust. Integrity. Honesty. – Ethics are non-negotiable
  • Commit to quality without question
  • Inspire those around us with our passion
  • Rediscover local community and values
  • Innovate and create every day
  • Together we work better
  • Create new expectations
  • Do everything in a professional way because there isn’t a different way


Palma’s commitment to Iconic Luxury demonstrates that luxury can be both enriching and rewarding without the need to compromise comforts and services of an iconic experience.
A balanced approach allows vision to be realized whereas all aspects of the local environment
and economy are reflected and supported. Each condo hotel operated by Palma Iconic
Experience adopts a caring luxury approach to ensure that its reality reflects these principles