Our aim is to create for you a 360 degree emotional experience in an oasis of relaxation surrounded by nature. The important combination of sports and leisure activities, food and wine tastings, physical and mental well-being, plus the unforgettable grape cultivation and harvest, together with our exceptional level of service, will make you feel in harmony with yourself and the surrounding environment.


For Brillat-Savarin the truffle was the diamond in the kitchen. For Rossini, it was the “Mozart of mushrooms”. Both Langhe and Monferrato are areas famed all over the world for their excellence and their unique distinctive products such as white truffles, internationally famous and delicious hazelnuts, chocolate that melts in your mouth and the exceptional Piedmontese meat with its unforgettable taste. The Castellero has an haute cuisine restaurant that combines the excellent quality of food and wine with the mastery of our chefs.


Wine, nectar of the gods, has a very long tradition in the Piedmont. The vast variety of excellent quality wines makes Piedmont, especially the Langhe Monferrato area the real enological kingdom. Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera, you will find these and many other worldly appreciated wines available in the cellars of Castellero. Finally, you can own best quality wines all year round by buying a proportion of the vineyard in order to have your own wine, stored in your own wine cellar, produced by us with maximum care, commitment and respect for nature.


…and again, looking around, taking in the flowers and fauna, groves of hazelnuts, river banks and all the names of areas around; it’s a delight to cast upon them my eye and to know their beginnings. (Cesare Pavese) The natural environment that surrounds Castellero is a fascinating relationship between nature and Piedmontese architecture. In 2014 the Langhe and Monferrato vineyards were listed by Unesco as a human heritage that must be preserved. Vineyards, hills, woods and valleys, reflected in a sequence of colors and smells, overlapping harmoniously in areas rich in unexpected surprises. All these visual landscapes involve the viewer, someone who finds them self in front of the never-before-seen sights of Langhe’s and Monferrato’s spectacular territory.


The spa area of Castellero redefines the concept of relaxation, setting new standards in the world of wellbeing. Sauna’s, Thalassa steam baths, cold mist, ice waterfall, herbal tea area, perfume corner, massage area, Wine-therapy, thermal water pools: everything is designed to help you leave everyday stress and behind, giving you priceless moments of carefreeness.

art & culture

The Castellero resort, located in the heart of the Unesco Heritage area is surrounded by cultural and artistic attractions, the results of Italian creativity since the Renaissance period. Museums of Turin, the Subterranean Alba of the Roman Empire plus the museums of the most famous Italian writers. Inside each room there are works of art by Italian artists and sculptors from various époques. Each piece of art can be purchased by the owners if required.


Write us to ask for information, book a room or for any other doubt or curiosity. Our support team will respond as soon as possible.