iconic italian design

The design of the apartments, created by the famous ‘Italian brand’ Bertone Design, combines tradition with innovation, aesthetic beauty with functionality, and translates the Italian style inherited over the centuries into a modern and luxurious approach. Each apartment, from the choice of materials to the accessories and works of art, convey refinement, comfort and exclusivity.

The design of the rooms ensues historical logic and style of the castle and its building period. Enhanced with innovative ergonomic solutions, the furnishings with their graceful and harmonious shapes, have been conceived to the highest design standards. In fact, the materials chosen, and the shapes used have been researched in order to respect nature and the typical characteristics of the residence. Spacious and comfortable interiors are the picture of luxury that enhances the tradition heritage of the residence.

junior suite

suite superior

deluxe suite


Palma’s commitment to Iconic Luxury demonstrates that luxury can be both enriching and rewarding without the need to compromise comforts and services of an iconic experience.
A balanced approach allows vision to be realized whereas all aspects of the local environment
and economy are reflected and supported. Each condo hotel operated by Palma Iconic
Experience adopts a caring luxury approach to ensure that its reality reflects these principles


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