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The first Condo Hotel player in the Italian Market

We respond to an increasing population of travelers seeking accommodation with amenities similar to their homes, condo hotel management is an Innovative Model of the hotel industry offering a new dimension of services. Palma Iconic Experience specializes in small luxury condo hotels throughout Italy. Each property is unique and therefore its goals are individual.Palma is responsible for developing and executing marketing and commercial strategies thanks to its broad expertise, striving to achieve unparalleled experiences for both owners and guests. 

The condo hotels operated by Palma Iconic Experience range from established luxury properties in fashionable locations to new projects in diverse destinations

iconic luxury

Palma’s commitment to Iconic Luxury demonstrates that Luxury can be both enriching and rewarding without the need to compromise
the comforts and services of an iconic experience. 

Italian Design

The design of the apartments, created by the famous ‘Italian brand’ Bertone Design, combines tradition with innovation, aesthetic beauty with functionality, and translates the Italian style inherited over the centuries into a modern and luxurious approach.

discover the tastes of

regional foods

Piemonte is an italian region famed all over the world for its excellence and its unique distinctive products such as white truffles, internationally famous and delicious hazelnuts, chocolate that melts in your mouth and the exceptional Piedmontese meat with its unforgettable taste.


The Spa area redefines the concept of relax, setting new standard in the world of wellbeing.


Museums of Turin, the Subterranean Alba of the Roman Empire plus the museums of the most famous Italian writers


Piemonte region is full of cultural and artistic attractions, the results of Italian creativity since the Renaissance period. Museums of Turin, the Subterranean Alba of the Roman Empire plus the museums of the most famous Italian writers. Inside each room there are works of art by Italian artists and sculptors from various époques. Each piece of art can be purchased by the owners if required.

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